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Adobe XD Auto-Animate Packs

Loading Animations – Vol.1 – iPhone X/XS

Our loading animations auto-animate pack comes with 20 different animations for you to simply drag and drop into your XD project and link into your pre-existing assets. Includes adjustable colour schemes, a comprehensive how-to section for various use cases, and access to our XD specialists for support.

Loading Animations – Vol.1 – iPhone 6/7/8

The iPhone 6/7/8 edition of our loading animations pack. This comes with all the same animations and how-to’s as the iPhone X/XS edition, just in an alternative screen size.

Bring Your Adobe XD Prototypes to Life

By using the new auto-animate engine in Adobe XD, we’ve created a set of templates for you to add to your prototypes, making them feel exactly like a real app would. A polished prototype is exactly what your client or prospect wants to see when you pitch to them, and little additions like these can go a long way.

C & V.

Easy as That


Using these animations in Adobe XD is about as easy as it gets. Just paste them into your project and they work right off the bat. Attach your screen to them and they’ll integrate into your project seamlessly.

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