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Welcome to Howeller Co.

We’re an innovation agency based just outside London. From everything between UX design and hand-coded webpages, Howeller Co. has the right specialist for you.


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Adobe XD Animation Packs

Waitrose & Partners - Innovation

KodyPay - Branding & UI



Our design department work with you to help you attain your business goals, If your retro-flower store needs a refresh, or your piranha food packaging needs to generate more sales with a design revamp, we’ve got you covered.

Brand Identity

Branding is becoming increasingly important when differentiating between a sea of competition. To help make your business stand out, we produce full identities for our clients, allowing your brand to look its best wherever it’s seen. 

strategy & INNOVATION

Creating an identity or new site is one thing, applying it to your business goals and making it work is another. We help you through every step of the process, whether it be innovation workshops to iterate your marketing strategy; or mapping out your content strategy for the next year. We’ll even organise market research for you.


Our UI/UX specialists can assist your business in creation of their next big user-facing overhaul. Whether you’re a startup pitching an app to investors, or a corporation looking to refresh, we’ve got you covered.


Our web design team have the flexibility to work with you to build any kind of solution you might require. Be it a simple site for your milk store or an e-commerce platform for your outer-space canoe store, we’ll help you out!

Web Design

We create websites for lots of our clients. These vary from e-commerce projects to marketing funnels, to information channels. These all come complete with SEO, copywriting, photography, and whatever else you might require.

Coded From scratch

If you want something really specific to give your website that extra pop, we have developers available to create exactly what you’re looking for.

Maintenance & Updates

It’s never just the initial website creation. Business needs change and develop. That’s why we always include maintenance and updates with our web packages. Just talk to one of our account handlers and they can provide you with a bespoke offering.



Charters School

Charters School have worked with us for a long time on a variety of projects. The latest was a request for some digital art to feature on their yearbook for students leaving the upper school. We delivered in two days to uphold tight deadlines they had, and the project was a success.

BRANDING & Website Development

IIC Holdings

IIC Holdings came to us looking for a new site and brand identity. This was to be produced as quickly as possible, all whilst including extra elements such as tickers and stock prices. We covered all bases for them and now maintain their site with all their latest investment updates.


Ascot District Day Centre

Our work for the Ascot District Day Centre included redesigning their website, in order to make it easy for people to get involved with their community. We put together their site, and followed it with a fresh set of photography to keep everything looking great.

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